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Last friday, my orthopaedic surgeon had a marathon of surgeries. A well-known condominium in JB town had a lift malfunction and the lift gave way 2 storeys high. It fell with 10 occupants. About 5 patients landed in my hospital after initial management at GH.

A segmental fracture of RT Femur in a 63 year old lady!

A Tibial plateau fracture with knee joint  involvement in a 52-year-old lady!

Any lift phobias ????


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This X-ray of the Pelvis belongs to a 33-year-old man. He was diagnosed to have Rheumatoid Arthritis 2 years ago but was not managed properly. He was only treated with steroids and pain killers by many doctors. He came to see me with pain over the left hip and inability to walk properly over the last few months. This X-ray shows a severe destruction of the left hip-joint with eroded acetabulum, making the hip-joint to protrude into the pelvis. We call this condition as Petrusio acetabulum.  

I feel sad for this man as nothing much can be done for the damage that has already occurred. A difficult total hip replacement is possible but he is too young for this to be done unless the pain is unbearable.  

Petrusio Acetabulae in Rheumatoid Arthritis

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The Participants

Dr.Yoga’s talk
With my committee

After the first SLE public forum in Johor, held on 30th January 2010, we manage to form our Johor Chapter committee, headed by Pn. Alimah as the president. Subsequently we had several meetings, during which the committee decided to conduct a 2nd public forum. We organised this on 27th June 2010 1-5pm at Monash Clinical School lecture hall, Johor Bahru.About 80 participants attended this forum and 2 talks were given. I talked on the medications of SLE and their side effects and Dr.Yoga (an Orthopaedic Surgeon) spoke on the orthopaedic complications of SLE therapy. It was an interesting event with many participants asking various questions. I would like to thank Roche for sponsoring the event.

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