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On this auspicious Tamil New Year 2016, after almost 6 months of writing and another 4 months of publishing process, finally my first book is out! I started to compile my articles into a book in June 2015 and completed it in November 2015 before sending it to publisher (Snappars Publishing). It took another 4 months of editing, proof reading and type setting before it was finally printed. The book will be officially available from 15/04/2016 (only online at the moment).You can also visit http://www.hardtruthsofbeingadoctor.com if you wish to buy using credit card/pay pal.

These books are meant for budding doctors, parents, medical students and even junior doctors. Despite all the articles in this blog, I keep being asked the same questions repeatedly. Thus I thought of compiling everything into a book. Unfortunately, due to high volume of the book, it has to be divided into 2 books of about 250 pages each. Foreword is written by A/Prof Wong Yin Onn from Monash Malaysia. Here are the titles:







Please be informed that there are many updated information in these books compared to some of my old articles. Information about income, salary, post-graduate educations etc have been updated. There are 5 chapters in Book 1 and 4 chapters in Book 2 with the following titles:

Book 1:

  1. General Misconception of Being a Doctor
  2. General Information for budding doctors
  3. Malaysian Healthcare system for Dummies
  4. Housemanship, Medical Officer and Post Graduate Education in Malaysia
  5. Employment and Job Opportunities

Book 2:

  1. Housemanship
  2. Post Graduate Training
  3. Income of Doctors
  4. The Doctor’s Dilemma

At the moment, these books will be sold as a set of 2 books , only via this blog and my Facebook.

This is how you can order your copy:

  1. Make a payment of RM 120 (including postage for within Malaysia) to CIMB Bank Account No: 8006158099 (Pagalavan Letchumanan)
  2. Send your Bank-In Slip to email hardtruths2016@gmail.com with your name and address/particulars
  3. Bulk mailing will be done on weekly basis (likely on every Friday)
  4. Courier tracking number and invoice will be sent to you via email after it has been mailed.
  5. An Invoice will be provided for Tax purposes
  6. For those who are ordering from overseas, please email me first as I need to check on courier charges.

Hope everyone will enjoy reading this, one of its kind book in Malaysia……………



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Hello world

Hi, first time trying to blog. My blog will be mainly targeting the field of medicine and the state of affairs of the health system in Malaysia, which is obviously going down the drain.I have uploaded all my articles that I have written since 2004  in the MMA magazine (Berita MMA) which is self-explanatory. BTW most of my prediction has been proven correct to date.

Please feel free to go through all my pages above. I have also included some of my thoughts on politics of this country.


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